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With a population comprising more than two hundred and fifty ethnic groups having traditions dating a thousand years back, a biodiversity characterized by forest, savannah and mountains, the richest and most diversified fauna, Cameroon has an enormous Ecotourist  potential. There are four sites which are really worth mentioning: the Dja  forest Reserve, the Korup national park , the limbe botanic Garden and ebodje.

Located on the west coast of Africa, Cameroon (population 15,000,00) is  bordered by Nigeria gabon, Chad, central African republiccongo, and equatorial guinea. While there are over 200 tribal groups, the main languages of commerce are French and English. Much of the architecture remains from the country s days as German colony. Cameroon’s Atlantic ocean coastline extend 400km, offering long atretches of beach. The varied climate ranges from tropical rain forest to open savannah , with high mountain ranges on the north west border. Throughout Cameroon there are areas of thermal springs for those who like an outdoor health spa  retreat. As they say, “a little bit of everything.”

  Cameroon officially the republic of Cameroon, is a unitary republic of central Africa. It borders Nigeria,Chad, central Africa republic of congo, gabon, equatorial guinea and the gulf of guinea. Cameroon, a German colony at the time of world war  I, was split among the French and British as war spoils after the defeat of  Germany.

Compared to other African countries, Cameroon enjoys relative political and social stability, which has turn permitted the development of agriculture, roads and railways, as well as an  extensive petroleum industry. Despite movement toward political reform, however, power remains firmly in the hands of an ethnic oligarchy Mount Cameroon, west Africa’s highest peak, stands like a giant sentinel, gazing out the Gulf of Guinea on Africa’s Atlantic coast. 


Among its legendary names is “Throne of Thunder,” a fitting tribute to the powerful gods that are said to inhabit the mountain inner core. Mount Cameroon, West Africa’s highest peak, stands like a giant sentinel, gazing out over the Gulf of Guinea on Africa’s Atlantic Coast.


The road southwards to Nkongsamba and Douala passes through some splendid scenery- spectacular valley and waterfalls. Bamended in the highlands north of Dschang, has a museum and a craft market.



Foumban, northeast of  Dschang, has many traditional buildings dating from its period of German colonization, including Bafut’fon’s palace, which includes a craft center. There is also the Musee du palais, whose collection includes bejewelled thrones, armaments, musical instrument and dancing masks, the musee des Arts et Traditions Bamoun, and a market. The town serves as an excellent base for experiencing the Bamileke region’s colorful Bamoun festival and feast days.

CULTURE Cameroon’s cultural potential reflects the ethnic diversity of its people.In this country of over two hundred ethnic groups,Pygmies, Bantus, Sudanese, and Arab-Berber live in harmony.This cultural diversity is illustrated in the lifestyle, traditions house style , folklore and handicraft. From North to South the tourist will be impressed by the traditional housing style which is the characteristic of each ethnic group.From the Bamileke thatched -roof houses to Mousgoum shell-like houses found along the Logone River,the visitor will discover a series of wonderful housing styles.Here and there, traditional housing architecture exists alongside modern architecture. The West and the North are the main handicraft centres in Cameroon.Bamenda, Bafoussam, Foumban and Maroua are towns renowned for their crafts objects and the beauty of their of their ancient monuments.Tourists will find it difficult to make a choice among pipes statues, carved thrones, figurines masks and other objects depicting scenes of everyday life or the war history of the tribe. The folklore too is very rich.Some cultural festivals have become major tourists events.These include: The Ngondo of the coastal people of Cameroon is a ritual in which magic and reality mingle and which involves dance , carnival,a canoe race , beauty contests etc. Funerals in the West and North-West are an opportunity to celebrate the memory of the dead through colourful ceremonies. The annual “Nyem- Nyem” festival which traces the epoic resistance of these people German penetration. The “Ngoun” ,a true display of the rich secular culture of the Bamoun people. Fantasias in Northern lamidats lead to great rejoicing. In the South,the “Mvet”(sort of harp) player epic storyteller and poet is a great figure who plays a vital role in society.

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